Arturo Sepúlveda

Arturo Sepulveda Violoncello
“Cuando llegué a Eduardo en primero de profesional, todo cambió radicalmente”
About Arturo:

Arturo still works with me at my studio on his 7th year, and will soon be ready to continue his studies abroad.

Brilliant musician, with huge talent, enormous instrumental ability and a refined taste, Arturo has grown to be a great project of a very fine cellist with a bright future. Having made his debut with the Elgar Concerto at 16, Arturo and I are now preparing various auditions for his further studies at a top level institution.

We managed to get Arturo a great cello by Christian Bayon and a fine bow by Emmanuel Carlier.

Video: Arturo tells us about her experience as a student of Edu.
Arturo´s trajectory headlines:
"An space where you knew someone was guiding you in a positive and logical direction"
“Eduardo is, without any doubt, the teacher thanks to whom I am a professional musician”
“He has the rare gift of conveying, and a lot of passion and dedication for teaching”
“I would definitely highlight his capacity to adapt to each student´s stage of evolution”