Javier talks about Edu:

“Eduardo es, sin duda alguna, el profesor gracias al cual yo me he dedicado a la música”
About Javier:

I met Javier during my teaching time at Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) conservator, when he was 11 years old. I was lucky his sister Carolina (a fine professional violinist) insisted a lot on me having Javi in my studio. She though Javier was very talented, and she was right! We worked together for 6 years and, when he finished the conservatory, y “pushed him out” abroad so he could continue growing.

Multipremiado, multibecado y muy experimentado, Javi ya es un joven profesional de altísimo nivel, y alguien con quien me gusta quedar para tomar una cerveza y hablar de música, cello y, como no, de fútbol.

Video: Javier tells us about his experience as a student of Edu.
Javier´s career headlines:
"An space where you knew someone was guiding you in a positive and logical direction"
“I would definitely highlight his capacity to adapt to each student´s stage of evolution”
“He has the rare gift of conveying, and a lot of passion and dedication for teaching”
“The day that I joined Eduardo´s class, everything changed radically”