Former students and their experience in my studio

“Throughout my teaching years, I have had the great pleasure to work with over 300 talented students. Some of them went on to pursue cello as a career and became fine musicians, and some others chose another path in life, but all of them have always made me a very proud teacher”

A very talented, cultured and fine musician who loves her profession, and with a very inquisitive and intuitive mind, […]

I met Javier during my teaching time at Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) conservatory, when he was 11 years old. […]

I had the pleasure of working for three years with Paula at the conservatory in Segovia [...].

Estrella is one of those students who give me special satisfaction. […]

Lola está en su último año del conservatorio con 15 años, llevamos 7 años trabajando (…)

Arturo continues to study with me, although he is about to go his own way [...]

Jorge "George" is a former student of mine who studied with me for six years [...]

Belén and Asier were always outstanding, intuitive and committed pupils. [...]

My youngest students have plenty of talent for music and acting! […]

Miniatura Edu
Miniatura Edu