Ángela talks about Edu:

Angela Lobato Violoncello
“Las clases de Edu eran un espacio donde alguien te guiaba en un dirección lógica y positiva”
About Ángela:

A very talented, cultured and fine musician who loves her profession, and with a very inquisitive and intuitive mind, Ángela finished her studies with me and went on to study at London´s Royal College with Natalie Clein. Later on, she specialized in historical performance at München´s Hochschule and The Juilliard School in New York

She is now a sought after professional and freelancer, who collaborates with world class musicians in Europe and USA.

Even though time has gone by, Ángela and I manage to keep in touch and meet often.


Video: Ángela tells us about her experience as a student of Edu.
Ángela´s career headlines:
“I would definitely highlight his capacity to adapt to each student´s stage of evolution”
“Eduardo is, without any doubt, the teacher thanks to whom I am a professional musician”
“He has the rare gift of conveying, and a lot of passion and dedication for teaching”
“The day that I joined Eduardo´s class, everything changed radically”