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"My main mission as a teacher is to provide a deep and choral learning of the instrument, to cultivate the student's musical curiosity and independence, and to see to it that the student finds his or her own path through the cello".


Eduardo plays on a Benjamin Banks 1775 cello and on a wonderful Benoit Rolland bow.

Teaching is inspiring

Know more about my teaching philosophy.
To me, teaching has always been a complex process which encompasses multiple aspects of each student´s development, depending on his physical, emotional, intellectual and technical given starting point.

“My mission as a teacher is to take care of, feed and walk along my students during all their growth process, strengthening their abilities and taking care of their weak spots. It is essential to acknowledge the different levels of personal growth, as well as the emotional, intellectual and technical level of each student to be able to provide them with the best training possible without forgetting about creativity or motivation.”

A highly sought after teacher on the national scene, Eduardo Palao has become an important reference in for cello teaching in Spain..

Trained with important cellist and pedagogues, he starts playing the cello in the class of renowned pedagogue María de Macedoin Madrid, with further studies at the Manhattan School of Music with Marion Feldman and completing his training with the international soloist Gary Hoffman.

During his student years, he has participated in numerous festivals and masterclasses in USA, UK, France, Denmark, etc. receiving advice from great cellists like Wolfgang Boettcher, Tsuyushi Tsutsumi or Colin Carr among others.

After getting his permanent teaching position at a professional conservatory in Spain via public examination as #1,, actualmente es profesor titular en el Conservatorio “Joaquín Turina” de Madrid, en donde tiene su clase permanente. Eduardo amplía su labor como profesor en su estudio profesional particular, en el que recibe a estudiantes procedentes de todo el país.

Being as he is, a teacher on great demand, he is frequently invited to teach at summer courses, festivals and masterclasses in Spain as well as abroad (Latin America and USA), and is also involved in on line teaching, conferences and courses.

Numerous students trained by Eduardo have won prizes in competitions both in Spain and abroad, and have obtained different awards and distinctions,, actuando como solistas con orquesta, y han sido admitidos en varios de los centros de estudios musicales más prestigiosos del mundo como el Peabody Institute, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Real Conservatorio Superior de Amsterdam, Trinity College of Music, Interlochen School of Artsetc.

Former students of Eduardo have continued their studies with top cellists and pedagogues as Paul Katz, Amit Peled, Adolfo Gutiérrez, Natalie Clein, Truls Mork, Thomas Demenga or Ralph Kirshbaum

Together with his work as a teacher, to which he is almost completely devouted, Eduardo continues active as a chamber musician and recitalist.He has been a member of several ensembles and has played in concerts in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico and USA among others.

To me, teaching has always been a complex process which encompasses multiple aspects of each student´s development, depending on his physical, emotional, intellectual and technical given starting point.

My mission and vocation as a pedagogue is to care for, nurture and accompany each of my students throughout their training process, enhancing their qualities and meeting their needs. It is essential to take into account the level of personal, emotional, intellectual and, of course, technical development of each student in order to provide the highest level of training without losing sight of creativity or motivation.

My main goal is, of course, to help developing to the maximum the individual potential of every student, whatever his goal is: to become a professional cellist, or to enjoy cello playing at a high level. In both cases, the road is very much the same, and it consists of providing the student with the necessary tools to achieve that goal.

deep understanding of the technical necessities on the instrument is absolutely necessary.a capacidad de comunicación y motivación, intuición, improvisación, y un cierto “sexto sentido” para trabajar en buena sintonía con los jóvenes han sido siempre mis herramientas más preciadas.

All this, added to a careful planning, and backed by many years of experience, make every lesson an enriching moment for my students that boosts their will to work and play better every day.

When I welcome a student in my class, not only do I prepare him technically and musically in an exhaustive way, but I also guide him through all the stages and needs that come along the way, and that are essential to his development as a future cellist, musician, and human being. 

A comprehensive education includes a thorough preparation for a professional future: facing concerts, auditions, scholarships tryouts, masterclasses, festivals or solo concerts with orchestra requires an exhaustive preparation on a technical, musical and psychological level. This many-sided approach is exclusively oriented towards developing a high technical level, an efficient way of practicing, as well as developing healthy criticism and an individual musical personality. All these aspects are at least as important as the fact of playing well the instrument, and are a critical part of my teaching philosophy.

Eduardo's educational work has been recognized by many prestigious cellists and pedagogues who have witnessed his work on many occasions:

Gary Hoffman. Cellist, world renowned concert artist

Ed"Eduardo Palao upholds, demonstrates and transmits the principles and values of cello playing and music making which I consider to be of the greatest importance, and does so with humility, compassion and personal involvement. He has shown himself to be a person of high ideals and of complete dedication to the task of teaching and supporting the young generation of cellists.”

Adolfo Gutiérrez Arenas. Cellist, international concert artist

“I have known Mr. Eduardo Palao for many years now, and I have witnessed his development both as a high level cellist and as a cello pedagogue at relevant international schools, as well as his work with outstanding personalities in the world of violoncello playing. As a cello pedagogue, I can assure that Mr. Palao makes the most of his pupils´ talent. Proof of this is that many of his students are now continuing their studies at some of the most prominent international music schools and colleges around the world. Mr. Palao’s knowledge and devotion are an honor and a great asset for Spain, since he is one of the very few cello teachers in this country who can help our students to attain the standards of excellence that prevail in countries that take the lead in the field of musical education. For the aforementioned reasons I hereby express my most enthusiastic appreciation for Mr. Palao and request that he be granted the utmost support from whomever might be in a position to do so, on behalf of all those who desire that Spain acquires a relevant position in the music world.”

Amit Peled.Cello Professor. Peabody Conservatory of Music.

"It is my great pleasure to write this letter for my good friend and colleague cellist and pedagogue Eduardo Palao. I have met Eduardo a few years ago in Spain while performing and teaching there and have witnessed his fantastic work as a pedagogue with many young talented Spanish students. Through the years a few of his students have continued their studies with me at the Peabody Institute and have blossomed to become fine musicians and cellists. Eduardo´s care and strong devotion to all his students is always evident in their serious approach to the cello and music. I look forward to many more years of friendship and collaboration".

María de Macedo. Cellist & pedagogue

Mr. Palao is, in my opinión, a cellist who should be considered an example in the scene ofcello playing in Spain, specially in the field of cello pedagogy. His high level of musical training, his rigourous aesthetic principles, and his eagerness to always know more make Eduardo a highly valued teacher in Spain as well as abroad, and his students are a fine example of it. It is a pleasure to express the inmense esteem I feel for his work and himself, and I find it only fair that he is given the opportunity at the right place to develop his skills and contribute to Spain and the cello everything he has to give.


CFest Festival Internacional de Cello México


Eduardo is, since 2014, the founder and artistic director of the "Cfest Festival Internacional de Cello de México", a pioneer festival held annually in the city of Puebla that seeks to provide young Mexican cellists and those from other Latin American countries with a high-level musical and pedagogical experience that gives them the unique opportunity to work with international masters without the need to travel abroad. 

The Cfest has been a total success in its first five editions and has attracted the interest of hundreds of cellists not only form all over Mexico, but from other countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Perú, Bolivia, Venezuela, USA or even Sweden as well.

Great cellists and pedagogues such as Clive Greensmith, Marc Coppey, Adolfo Gutiérrez, Santiago Cañón, Marcio Carneiro or Jesús Castro-Balbi have been part of our selected faculty at the Cfest and have also participated in top of the line concerts during the festival.

The Cfest has also an important cultural presence in Puebla through its concert cycle that take place in important venues, helping to promote not only the cello as an instrument, but classical music and culture in general among an enthusiast and thrilled audience who fills the concert halls in every occasion.

Visit the Cfest Mexico website 

Teaching at the highest level

Summer courses, festivals and masterclasses in Spain, Latin America and USA.

A professional training that includes preparation for concerts, competitions, auditions, solo concerts, scholarships, auditions, masterclasses, courses, study abroad, student orchestras, chamber music, as well as psychological preparation, study methods, experimentation, and the development of a musical identity of one's own.

Extractos de las Masterclasses Cfest.

About my students:

I am deeply grateful to all the students that I have had the fortune to meet during my teaching life (many of them dear friends now) for allowing me to grow, believe and learn every day, and who keep me believing in a bright future.

“An space where you knew someone was guiding you in a positive and logical direction”
“Eduardo is, without any doubt, the teacher thanks to whom I am a professional musician”
“He has the rare gift of conveying, and a lot of passion and dedication for teaching”
“The day that I joined Eduardo´s class, everything changed radically”
International projection

Founder and Artistic Director of the Cfest Festival Internacional de Cello de México

A pioneer cello festival that takes place annually in the city of Puebla aiming to provide young Mexican and Latin American cellists a first rate musical and pedagogical experience through the opportunity of working with world class players and pedagogues in their own homeland.

Miniatura Edu
Miniatura Edu