Lola talks about Edu:

Lola García Eduardo Palao Cello
“I would definitely highlight his capacity to adapt to each student´s stage of evolution”
About Lola

At 15, Lola is on her last year at the professional conservatory, we have been working together at my studio for seven years now, and will soon start to plan out her future regarding cello.

Winner of several prizes and distinctions, Lola is a very gifted player and a really talented musician with a bright future ahead of her. She is currently first cello at the JORCAM (Madrid´s Youth Symphony Orchestra) and will soon make her orchestral debut with the Alcalá de Henares Conservatory Symphony Orchestra.

We were lucky enough to get Lola a really nice Mougenot cello and a wonderful Yannick LeCanu bow!

Vídeo: Lola tells us about her experience as a student of Edu.
La trayectoria de Lola en 4 datos:
"An space where you knew someone was guiding you in a positive and logical direction"
“Eduardo is, without any doubt, the teacher thanks to whom I am a professional musician”
“He has the rare gift of conveying, and a lot of passion and dedication for teaching”
“The day that I joined Eduardo´s class, everything changed radically”